Vancouver, BC – Tijuana, MX

In 2010, without much training or experience, we set off on our old rusty bicycles down the Pacific Coast. We endured setbacks and suffered mishaps, but two months and 1800 winding hilly miles later we had made it to Mexico. This is our story.

The rhododendron forests of Washington

It rained almost every day in Washington, but the moment we crossed the long narrow bridge into Astoria and into Oregon the sun came came out.

Approaching Cape Foul Weather While it wouldn't be sunny every day in Oregon, Cape Foulweather didn't exactly live up to its name.

Scampering up the Oregon sand dunes

The Oregon Coast is of course astoundingly beautiful. The highway is right on the coast and access points and parks and are plentiful... indeed all too plentiful if you're trying to get anywhere on time. We frequently had to bike at night due to all the stops. One time Megan was blinded by an oncoming car and rode off a bridge. Another time she rode into a giant hole. Good times!

And then: C A L I F O R N I A

Northern California


There are a lot of campgrounds evenly spaced along the route with sites reserved for hiker-bikers. But sometimes a night is best spent in a wind-braced golden field under the stars beside the highway.

Riding riding everyday. We only took maybe a week and a half off: 5 days to explore SF, 2 days because of food poisoning in the Redwoods, 2 days in LA, and then 3 days to get off our bikes and hike deep into Big Sur.

Morrow Bay

Camping out in a scorpion infested oak sanctuary in central California. Yes Megan got stung. I was so jealous.

To cut down on weight we sent our pants and sweaters and tent body home via post in SF. We wouldn't be needing those any longer! NOT EVEN IN SCORPION COUNTRY. NOPE.

Into avocado country

You know you need to lather on the sunscreen when you start seeing and Los Angeles on the road signs

Full stories and photos at: 🌿 #epiXtrip

  • tbyrnes

    I'm in love with this story and this trip. Bravo on an epic mission. Sorry you didn't get stung by a scorpion πŸ™ˆ

  • fieldandforest

    @tbyrnes thanks! It was a great trip for sure. I hope to find a scorpion of my own own day

  • tbyrnes

    @cairofoster you down? Minus the scorpion infested camping?

  • cairofoster

    If you're going @tbyrnes then I'm down.

  • fieldandforest

    @tbyrnes @cairofoster we were illegally camping out in a wildlife sanctuary so it was our fault. Easily avoided!

  • karen

    This story and you guys are amazing!! So fun follow along on your adventures. I want to do this but no scorpion for me please.

  • Steller

    Wow, quite the journey. Thank you for sharing.

  • fieldandforest

    @karen yeah it was was pretty scary! I wasn't sure how poisonous it was so I just sucked her leg and spat (though I've since heard that such is no help) and then we went to bed. We were miles from anywhere and I was a little afraid to wake up and find a Megan corpse the next morning. Thankfully it was only extreeeeemely painful and not lethal 😬

  • fieldandforest

    @Steller best of times / worst of times. Thanks for the feature πŸ’™

  • photistry

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your adventure.

  • karen

    Wow! That's crazy. Glad everything was okay!

  • amaybar

    What I'm amazing story!! I don't know if I will be brave enough to do this. Bravo for people like you. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • fieldandforest

    @amaybar it was really fun. We started off slow and stopped a lot at every pretty thing and all the bakeries and coffee shops. Bike trips are kinda hard but they aren't a race and you can do it at your own pace and get what you want from it. I think they're one of the more satisfying and rewarding means of travel and discovery.

  • fieldandforest

    @photistry thanks for reading!

  • laurieskillern

    Beautiful journey

  • Wheel_House

    @denisedoriety I NEED to do this!! So amazing

  • fieldandforest

    @Wheel_House @denisedoriety we highly recommend it! Such a rewarding journey

  • MojSpajzic

    Amazing acomplishment! One of those fir which your grandkids will think you totaly rock!!! Loved the story!

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    Greatness! πŸ˜„πŸ»β˜€οΈ

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  • jasonfitzgibbon

    Awesome!! I need to do this one day.

  • dharmanation

    I loved this. Your bit about being jealous of the scorpion sting made me laugh out loud. Reminds me of my boyfriend :) hilarious. And marvelous adventure.

  • tobiaswias

    Thanks for the beautiful reminder I need to get back on my bike. Great story!