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We rig up our sleds in the morning light of late December in interior Alaska.

1:45pm and the sun is at its post-solstice zenith as we ski 10 miles in -15°F



...and with it the cold. Our little key chain thermometers stop at -20 but atop the last dome we climb and cross in the dark we guesstimate around -40°F with windchill.

in the morning it's warmed to -15° --which is still cold enough to greatly enjoy a soak in one of the 3 tubs of the hot springs that has drawn us here.

the water's almost too hot...

the cabin has entertainment too...

we crank the crank-radio in the cabin and enjoy 85° courtesy of the birch roaring in the wood stove (audio!)

The next day the temperature begins to drop even further...

we have fun with it...


back and forth between the hot springs and cabin

and that night we celebrate the New Year a bit early

...and mentally prepare for the ski out the following morning (audio!)

The first 2 miles out of the cabin are uphill. It gets the blood flowing and keeps the cold at bay.

as with any backcountry travel, layer management is important!


we descend through an old burn

a mile from the parking lot i take a selfie - before the warmth of the car will heat our bodies and relax our minds...before we'll forget or noses were ever frostnipped !

Last light of the day slowly fades as we use a fuel burning heater to warm the car engine under a tarp before attempting to start it. Then off we go.

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