Yoho Nat'l Park B.C

I run a Canadian Rockies based hiking community called Hike365

We are a community of girls exploring nature 365 days of the year


Photos by: Victoria Wakefield @picobac Canmore ALTA Canada www.northbirchgrove.com

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  • jordanfoy


  • sarahbelle

    This looks incredible, I wish I lived there!

  • artintheage

    Beautiful photos!

  • adyrian

    AH. MAZE. ZING! I have to visit Canada one day! 😍😍

  • bethkellmer

    So darling! Putting this on the dream list 😍🙌❄️

  • rainsoaked

    So great! I have a group of ladies I hike with, too. Some of the greatest adventures of my life!

  • DannyGariepy

    I love all of these shots. Ohara is definitely a place I need to visit 👌🏼


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