#mondaycelebrations january 26, 2015

I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR JAMMIE DODGERS FOR AGES!! I finally found them at a World Market by my house.

I've been getting into meal prep and I think I have a new fave recipe. I guess I'm calling it turkey chili. So easy, so tasty, and pretty healthy! PS - this came to me in a dream haha

A weekly shoutout to my cats for being their awesome selves.

The most important thing that I'd like to celebrate this week is the coming out of my good friend. Long story short, he is finally accepting and embracing all facets of himself and I think he is happier. What a wonderful thing it is to see him grow into himself.

Good things are at every corner - what do you celebrate? #mondaycelebrations

IG @ kitty.cthulhu #positivity

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