Scenes from Sunday

Cinnamon Rolls

There are few things in life, if any, that I have found worth trading my Sundays for. After the responsibilities of the week and social encounters of Saturday have come and gone, a day for family, reflection, rest, and catch up arrives just in time.

I've been allocating Sundays for sweet treats as part of my New Year's resolution. While I won't give up the desserts I enjoy entirely, I can scale back how frequently I eat them.

Furthermore, I'll make them from scratch so the effort warrants the indulgence. Deprivation with regard to food, if I am being entirely honest, is not now and likely never will be an avenue for me. So all week, I'll be dreaming of Sunday.

This Sunday's project was a batch of Cinnamon Rolls. Sarah Kieffer, one of my favorite food writers, shared her recipe for Truck Stop Cinnamon Rolls using Breadin5's Brioche dough.

Having never made them from scratch, I can now appreciate the thorough process, the waiting, rising, folding, and rolling. The mixing, and zesting. Plain and simple - the effort.

I won't stop at Cinnabon again and mindlessly eat a bun as I window shop with my sister, hopefully. It would be a betrayal of the process I have now experienced.

Like nurturing a baby, if I may draw that comparison as I have no children of my own but pray that someday I will, I felt this inexplicable attachment. I was expectant and anxious. I nervously asked James, does this dough look ok to you? Will it rise? Should I add more flour? James gave me his bench scraper from culinary school, a symbolic union of his past and our future.

I covered the rolls with homemade cream cheese icing and snuck a bite, thinking to myself that while I can't buy lavish gifts, I can coat your ribs with comforting labors of my love.

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  • karen

    I love this. And those cinnamon rolls looks amazing

  • Chandra


  • pensive_foodie

    Thanks so very much @karen @Chandra

  • Coral_ista

    Great photos and story! I like the idea of reserving one day a week for treats. In my house, let ourselves eat out once per week


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