A #StellerWinter Of Fat Biking

There is still a lot of winter left here in Banff, Alberta but it has already proven to be a fantastic winter for fat biking.

We've had some beautiful sunny days for riding.

The trails have been groomed perfectly by a small group of us here in the Bow Valley.

Some days have been a little bit more extreme such as this day of riding in -30 degree weather.

It's always a great time being out, especially when a good friend comes along.

I love being the first out to make that fresh track.

Road riding is even more fun and challenging in the winter.

Things can get a touch on the messy side but it's all part of the fun.

Riding out to Lake Minnewanka is one of my favourite rides to do.

There is a wonderful trail that goes along the lakeside that gets packed down by snowshoers and makes for some incredible riding.

Once I get to a certain point along the trail I like to scramble down onto the Lake and ride it back home, creating a really fun and interesting loop. The lake being frozen creates a whole new world for riding.

Frozen Lakes are just one of the many benefits that winter provides for fat biking.

First Vermilion is a wonderful Lake to ride on as well.

I love discovering new things while out riding like this Igloo for instance.

I found this very old pioneer cabin on a ride recently into the back country.

Nature always provides such great structures to view and discover on my rides.

The roads are often very quiet around the Banff townsite in the winter time.

The winter days are short in Banff but absolutely incredible.

Sometimes I like to stop and make a nice warm cup of coffee.

It was also a way to transport some cheer during the Holidays.

Some days the snow can be pretty thin on the trails.

Other days the snow is rather deep but still amazing to ride in.

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