As you walk the streets of Rome you can't help but feel that time has collided. The convergence of 2,000 years of history is all around you. From ancient landmarks, charming backstreets, shouting vendors to modern buildings, it's certain that there are few places like it.


This city is alive


Convergence In Time

For the early bird solitude can still be found


Timelapse view from the Roman Forum of Basilica Giulia

Vatican City

Wet with fresh rain, the cobblestone streets turn to gold


Bramante Staircase


Bramante Staircase

Pillars of St Peters Plaza

Modern Day Once Was

Life in fast forward. Evening traffic near the ancient Colosseum

The Pantheon

Night View of the Massenzio Basilica

Sistine Chapel Ceiling Aemilia Basilica Sunset

Couldn't have said it better. (Thank You Rome)


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