Getting Hired!

The art and tactics of getting a job as a wildland firefighter.

Hiring for the USFS

In 2015

Make The Deadline

Each job you apply for will have a deadline. If you miss it, your name will not be on the list and you can't be considered.

Sit down and create a profile on USAJobs

Log on to and create a profile: Attach a resume Attach transcripts Attach all required documents Include documents that help highlight your strengths and abilities

Make the calls

Call each unit you are interested in applying to and working for: Introduce yourself Tell them why you are interested in working with their program. Ask them what they are looking for in an employee. Get the announcement numbers they will use to hire for the particular job you are interested in. Don't forget to specify the duty location in your USAJobs application.

Network and make connections

Oftentimes, Hiring Managers are receiving hundreds of applicants for each vacancy. Find ways to stand out and make a lasting impression.

Highlight your ability to contribute to the organization.

Whether it's possessing an Emergency Medical Technician certification Or Knowing the ends and outs to of fixing small engines or pumps. Everyone has a skill set that can contribute to the team.

Good luck and have a safe year

If you have further questions feel free to private message me on Instagram and I will try to help you out:

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