Cape Town was spectacular with epic views around every corner. We were there for 2 days and definitely want to venture back for a longer stay.

Not only did Cape Town have epic view and amazing wine, they also had...

adorable, waddling penguins!

That's all


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  • jordanfoy

    Image on page 12 is just the best image ever! I bet it was so cool, did any of them come up to you ? :)

  • SandyENoto

    @jordanfoy there is a boardwalk so you're right above them the whole time. They seemed totally oblivious to the people. So cute!

  • jordanfoy

    That is so so cool, I'd love to experience that one day :)

  • _Kristen

    They're so cute!!

  • SandyENoto

    @_Kristen they are adorable! Especially when they were trying to waddle out of the water! They kept tumbling over in the waves.

  • michelle12

    So cute and I love the beach and the clear water and the waves

  • michelle12


  • SandyENoto

    @michelle12 thanks! The baby penguins were so cute!!


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