Kensington, MD

After a full week of exams, my friends and I made a last minute plan to have a celebratory day after our last exam.

We finished our last exam around 10 AM, and since we hadn't eaten since 6 that morning, we were all starved. We sat down in a cute cafe called the Tea Room, which didn't specialize in tea but was great regardless.

The walk to that part of town was nice but chilly, and there were hot drinks ordered around the table: two hot cocoas and one cup of tea.


After our early lunch, we wandered around. This area has tons of tiny shops with tiny treasures in each of them.


The bakery

A shot of me, by Mikaela

A shot of Mikaela, by me

We walked back to my house, another chilly but beautiful walk. We talked about our plans for the summer, and made plans to hike together once the weather warmed up. Mikaela and I got matching second hand mugs, ones that made us think of each other.

Another shot of me (and my cat) by Mikaela

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