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Peak District

A story from a place I call home... #peakdistrict

The Peak District The Peak District Is an area of outstanding natural beauty situated in the middle of the United Kingdom. Unspoilt, it helps form the backbone of England with rolling hills and mountains leading to the beautiful Pennines and far beyond. Surrounded by major cities of industrial Britain. The Peak District can be regarded as the 'lungs', of central England. An area to admire and an area to relax and play, an area to protect.

The Peak District

An area of great diversity, it is split into the northern Dark Peak, where most of the moorland is found and whose geology is gritstone, and the southern White Peak, where most of the population lives and whose geology is mainly limestone.

The following #stellerstory shows a day in the life of me, as I wandered the 'Great Ridge' and beyond.


I grew up here. I've lived here. Now I've moved away...I come back as much as I possibly can.

Reaching the summit is always an achievement. Taking in the stunning views is equally important.

Lone Tree

The Great Ridge

A view towards Mam Tor


A view towards Kinder Scout

Race you...

To the top


Mam Tor

When you're in the mountains


Every day is a Friday

Winding roads

Peak District

Thanks for being part of my story. I hope you enjoyed it! www.instagram.com/gm8ty #explore #england #outdoors #countryside #stellerwinter #stellerlandscapes

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  • claireonline

    Wonderful shots dear. ✨👌

  • muenchmax


  • elisapella

    These places look so beautiful. You are lucky you get to go there from time to time!

  • garethmate

    @muenchmax cheers mate 👍✨

  • garethmate

    @elisapella thanks!! Yes, I guess I am pretty lucky 👍✨

  • amandaglynn

    This is beautiful!

  • garethmate

    @amandaglynn oh thanks! Very kind of you to say. ✨

  • photistry

    I really liked this. There is such beauty found in nature, and (as I'm a photographer myself) I loved how you composed and shot these images. The colours are really intriguing. Very well done.

  • garethmate

    @photistry thanks that is a great compliment. It is a wonderful location. Thanks once again!👍✨

  • MelindaDiOrio

    Just beautiful! Looks like such a peaceful and solitary place, I love that!

  • garethmate

    @MelindaDiOrio thanks! It is a fantastic place. ✨

  • coyrnthecat

    Really cool! It kind of reminds me of the moor in Arthur Conan Doyle's " The Hound of the Baskervilles".

  • havwoods

    Great story. Know the place. Once I went upon the Snowdonia, in Wales. Took the last train to the top, got stuck in the mist and had to walk back. It was while being engaged with my travel companion.

  • simone_wit

    Wonderful place to grow up!


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