It's December. London had gone all festive with all the Christmas decorations sitting around town. Just couldn't get helped to be warmed by this city! It was a short month for me in London before I flew home (faraway!) to family and friends!

{ 1 } Finally got a chance to take a shot of Charing Cross station, I'm always fascinated by these orange tiles!

{ 2 } The Natural History Museum got all festive with the merry-go-round.

{ 3 } In fact, the whole London is getting so festive with Christmas decorations!

{ 4 } Pleased to finally receive The Instagram Book

{ 5 } Revisited Holland Park Mews.

{ 6 } It's a car park but the facade is an absolute Art Deco!

{ 7 } London is not that dull with these colourful building blocks at Central St Giles.

{ 8 } 'God's Own Junk Yard' exhibition in Soho

{ 9 } Where was your Christmas destination? I left London for somewhere hot and sunny!

Till next month


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