CLEARWATER BEACH This was the first "official" stop on our 6 month RV trip across the USA. We are living, traveling, & exploring with 4 kids and a dog in our Winnebago motorhome. Did I mention my teenage brother joined us for the ride? Are we crazy? Or unique? Time will tell.

It's been a bumpy ride, with good days and bad. But seeing gorgeous places like this beach make it all worth it.

Clearwater Beach- we give you 5 stars.

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  • masha_theone

    Hi dear ! Nice seeing you here ! Beautiful story , enjoy your crazy trip 😉😘😘😘

  • sannalee

    @masha_theone hi lovely!! Thank you! Enjoying it so far... 💙😘

  • sarakaleho

    This is great Sanna... I'm loving these stories and excited to follow your adventures here. what a fun little app you found! xx

  • sannalee

    @sarakaleho hi you! Isn't it neat? So happy you're here. I love the interface for creating stories. Hoping to see something from you soon! 😘😘