Noun 1. the act of departing from the right, normal, or usual course.

Before heading north to the Canadian Rockies we spent a day testing gear and getting our systems dialed up in the Cascades.

New York Gully

Graham drives the Subaroony like he's in ice road truckers

Making friends

As we pulled into the little gypsum mining town of Exshaw I stopped to snap a photo of the Heartland gas station overshadowed by the factory behind. The scene had a dreary feel to it. From off to my left and up a small rise I heard a shrill voice "He likes Exshaw, that's why he's taking photos!" And then to me the groms yelled "Hey do you like Exshaw!?" They had stopped sledding and were standing frozen, waiting for my answer. "Yes! It's great!" I replied, "do you guys like it?" The smallest one replied, "We LOVE it!" And they shoved off down the tiny hill in a massive display of enthusiasm for life, glowing warm in the cold blue of the coming night.

When in Canada...

Getting frosty

Monkeying around in the Hoar Cave

My first real day climbing and shooting ice, I spent much of my time focused on trying not to kick an ice spear onto my best friend.

Whiteman Falls

Outside my comfort zone || a clip from Abberation

Sarah Hueniken cruising on the second pitch of Whiteman Falls (WI6) while simultaneously battling the flu and dodging stray photographers.

Thawing out at the Canmore Hotel

Sharpening tools in preparation for our foray into the Ghost

They call this valley The Ghost... And with good reason.

Brent Peters looking for the tail on Rainbow Serpent

Full story + 10 minute video over at: http://www.outdoorresearch.com/blog/stories/aberration A big thanks to Outdoor Research, Alias Cinema, Graham Zimmerman, Sarah Hueniken, and all the other fine folks who made this trip such a good time.

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