Palouse Falls + ThatNWBus

I've seen many beautiful photos of Palouse Falls on Instagram and I had the urge to take a trip down there for so long. I finally had the change to go for an instameet #MeetAtPalouse. I was so hyped to see the rushing falls in person.

This place was even more beautiful than I had ever imagined.

After the falls our next stop was that famous #thatnwbus.

Kan, Julia, Dmitriy, Josh, and Alex. (In the bus)

My favorite part of this whole trip had to be the drive. Eight hours of Josh driving, Dmitriy rapping, Julia gramming, Kan sleeping, and of course I was non-stop laughing. Such a great day with such amazing, down to earth people.

Awchels outtie yo!

Chelsea Toves Palouse Falls 12/20/14 *all photos shot with: iPhone 4s*

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