#mondaycelebrations january 12, 2015

I do not believe Mondays are inherently bad. However, it has become a day that many associate with disappointment and I want to break that. I challenge myself, and others who care to join, to focus on the positives every Monday. From something huge like a promotion to something small like finding a lucky penny - positives are always worth celebrating.

I'm glad I've got these two fuzzy heads to cuddle with. They were curled by my feet the entire night.

I NEVER have time for breakfast because I prefer to sleep in 😁 This morning, I slept in but still had time for this delicious sandwich before work.

Speaking of work, I am grateful that I even have a job, especially an awesome one. More importantly, I am grateful that my job appreciates me - for the first time in a while, I feel like I belong. I picked up an extra shift and couldn't be more excited about it!

What do you want to celebrate? #mondaycelebrations

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  • _Kristen

    Love it! Good perspective

  • mlkshks

    @_Kristen thanks! Just trying to stay positive! 👍

  • coastalkate

    I am older and work from a home studio so I am greatly amused when folks moan and groan about Mondays. 😊

  • mlkshks

    @coastalkate lol sometimes it's amusing but other times, I'm just like, "Stop whining!"


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