The Royal Opera House in London is both an architectural gem and a world-class arts venue. On top of that it houses and employs an army of artisans, makers, technicians and designers who create the magic that goes into every ballet and opera performed on its storied stage. And, then there are the dancers...


Gilded ceiling inside the theatre

In the amphitheatre

Lighting Rossini's Il Barbiere di Siviglia

The Paul Hamlyn Hall


Stacked tutus for Sir Frederick Ashton's "Symphonic Variations"

Each ballet and opera production has a costume bible full of sketches, drawings and swatches.

Costume department fridge art


Paint cupboard


Morning class is when the dancers work on and perfect their technique. It also serves as their warm up for a day full of rehearsals and possibly an evening performance.

Limbering up

Down low...

...and up high

At the barre with the teacher

Relaxing with colleagues

They make it look so easy.


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  • k8ie

    Love this so much ! Miss those days; wish I never stopped dancing. Thanks for sharing:)!

  • jaywilder

    Pg 23 is out of control :)

  • tschang

    So good! I love the cover page design!

  • ldnlivingdoll

    @tschang Thanks, Tun! 😘 I had sooooo many pictures from #emptyROH I never got to post. This app is perfect for using those shots!

  • ldnlivingdoll

    @jaywilder They're pretty bendy, right? πŸ™ˆ

  • tschang

    I hear you and totally agree!

  • ldnlivingdoll

    @k8ie You're so welcome! Glad you enjoyed it ☺️

  • oui

    Molto toccante! La vita della Ballerina e' un'eterno sacrificio !

  • jaywilder

    Yes very bendy indeed. You captured it perfectly.πŸ‘Œ #ballet #dance

  • 5ftinf

    Such a great story...and so lovely to see all the pictures together here 😍

  • ldnlivingdoll

    @oui It's a hard job which they do for the sheer love of it!

  • ldnlivingdoll

    @5ftinf Thank you, Philippa! I had so many shots leftover from the event and wasn't sure what to do with them - this is the perfect platform for it πŸ‘Œ I think what you do is also so well-suited to this format!

  • 5ftinf

    I totally agree! There are so many shots of things which inspire me and also how I put stuff together; process images which are too much for my IG feed and it's so satisfying here to put them together in a also actually let's me let go of other shots as the 'story ' is the important compliment to the 'one shot'...and I also find it's visually more satisfying here than on a blog; feels more like a visual diary you say, a great compliment to IG!

  • brensen

    I was so delighted to see this come up when I searched the hashtag ballet to see if there was anything new. Over the moon to see the title had to do with only my absolute favorite company in the world.

  • ldnlivingdoll

    @brensen Thank you Brenna! The Royal are fabulous - the day we went to do all the backstage stuff and the morning class principals were a little thin on the ground as many of them were on tour in Copenhagen, but we still had Natalia Osipova turn up to the class which was pretty awesome! Was really hoping Edward Watson would be there, though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

  • Onleine

    I enjoyed this, very nice! ✨

  • yeszebra

    Beautifully captured πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • pappaga11a

    Beautiful and interesting


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