Boo, Peanut, & Oscar


Also known as Boo-kins and Booboo Although she is the oldest, she is very tiny and her voice is just as small.


Also known as Peabnut, Peanut Butter Cups, Nutter Butt, P-Nutty, and other variations. She is the middle child, directly related to Boo. Her body is normal size but her tail is rather large. And she is very talkative.


(After Oscar Wilde) He was the baby brother from another mother. He took no time warming up to his big sisters. He talked a lot with his tiny mews but he was a motor when he purred.

Boo is the most curious one.

Peanut is the cuddliest.

Oscar was a mix of both, but everything he did was done with poise 😊

Although there are differences in their personalities and mannerisms, sleepiness is a universal trait.

For our baby boy. We will never forget you. April 2011-May 2013

Thanks for the kisses, bub.

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