St Johns Avenue

When I started this #5ofthebest series, I didn't intend that the chosen five should be in order. After all, I've already featured other interiors stories towards the end of last year and a few of those would be in my 'best of the year'. But then, as I posted The Workshop at #3 and considered #2 and #1, I realised that, consciously or not, these houses have fallen into an order. As this house on St John's Avenue in London, which was marketed and sold last year by The Modern House, is without doubt my second favourite of 2014. When I blogged about this property on The Property Files back in June, there were so many great photos (and I can only use ten images in any single post on Tumblr) that I featured the house in two posts. Two! That's how much I love this house. From the shades-of-grey palette to the beautifully considered arrangements of artworks and objects, to the gusty industrial edge that comes with a warehouse conversion like this - the open plan living, the patina of the timber floors and whitewashed brick, the metal-framed windows - there's just so much to admire here.



The owners worked on this conversion with architects Flower Michelin (flowermichelin.com).

The warehouse was previously a wood workshop.

Although the palette is restrained, it isn't without colour, from the mellow olive-y greens to the pops of teal and mint and those burnt ochre wingback velvet armchairs. Little wonder that this house has been used for film and photo shoots.

I particularly like the contrast between the streamlined and crisply-detailed kitchen and the softer aesthetic of the seating area.

The first floor of the warehouse now forms the open plan living, dining and kitchen space, while the ground level has been designed to create three bedrooms along with a family bathroom and a shower room. There are clever touches, as seen in the two larger bedrooms - one used as a seating area - where light streams in from above.

My favourite photo... this wall colour.

I love the arrangements of artworks, and this wonderful teal hue...

All photography from The Modern House

The Workshop was marketed by The Modern House: themodernhouse.net Follow The Modern House on Twitter: twitter.com/The_ModernHouse Follow The Modern House on Instagram: instagram.com/themodernhouse

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