In January of 2013 I received a phone call from the good people at Mountain Hardwear asking if I would be interested in joining Dawn Glance and Tim Emmett on an ice climbing expedition to Iceland. I answered with a resounding YES. I had only visited the country once before and was very stoked to see more of this beautiful country. 8 weeks later I boarded a series of flights for an unforgettable ice climbing trip in the north western fjords of Ísafjörður. This is a country of vivid color and surprise. We got right to work.

Dawn Glance

Tim Emmett


Long approaches were standard, but always beautiful


The fish houses of Ísafjörður


Rest day at the beach near Vic

Tim Emmet is Constantly entertaining

The moss covered lava fields of southern Iceland

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To see more from my Iceland journey please visit Big thanks to Mountain Hardwear for making the trip possible and @chadcopeland for the video aerials