Driving Through

Costa Rica

After reading countless blogs, we decided to rent a car in Costa Rica. According to most blogs, renting a car in this beautiful country can be "dangerous, but one of the best adventures you'll have" The roads there essentially had no street names; A GPS is the only way. The edges of the roads just fell off into trenches, or off the edges of cliffs..some were paved, some were the most ridiculous dirt roads I've seen, and above all...winding, winding roads. The gps would be in and out of service and if wasn't for Josh's navigational skills and the gps alarming dangerous bridge or pot hole ahead, we might have made it out worse...

..but it was the most fun & beautiful adventure

This is a small collection of photos from our drive from San Jose --> Arenal-->Tamarindo

Our first stop was food. Obviously. Our first taste of "comida typica" at hole in the wall outdoor restaurant where no one spoke English. But the food was incredible.

A tiny town outside of Arenal on the way to Tamarindo.

After an amazing pizza at a tiny authentic Italian place

.....But first let us take a selfie

All cemeteries had above ground graves like this

We travel not to escape life, but so life doesn't escape from us.