400 Miles - A Journey Down California's Infamous Hwy

The One

California's highway 1 has been hailed by many to be the most beautiful drive in the world. Weather or not that's true, the one thing for certain is that it leaves an unforgettable impression. There's no time that seems to be long enough when driving down this magnificent highway. It feels flawless. This gallery is a collection of photos starting at Muir Beach and ending in Malibu.


Muir Woods

Infinite moss

Crashing at Muir Beach

Rolling Fog below Hawk Hill

San Francisco

Feeding Frenzy in



California Pelicans swarming from every angle on a large school of fish

Santa Cruz


17 Mile Drive

The Ghost Tree


Big Sur

Sunset from The Top Of The World Big Sur

Fog rolling in at dusk, seen high above Big Sur at The Top Of The World


Big Sur

Oak tree moonrise high above Big Sur



All photos available at www.natgeocreative.com See more at www.ladzinski.com/galleries

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  • woodssomm

    Amazingly beautiful... ✨

  • ninagraceless

    Holy moly! Incredible photos and videos!

  • coastalkate

    Great shots. You had me with the cover shot. It is an amazing drive. Incredibly, I have never been to San Francisco when the Golden Gate Bridge was shrouded in fog.

  • brajohn1

    Wow amazing

  • Wojo


  • k8ie


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  • sarahbelle

    Beautiful story, looks like it was an amazing trip!

  • greggbleakney

    Love how this app allows ton showcase essays man. Stoked.

  • coya

    The photography is BRILLIANT!! you have given me inspiration. Lovely!!

  • tbyrnes

    Those timelapse vids are INSANE 😱. So good!

  • kayley_marie

    seriously...some of the most stunning photos I've seen. I loved every second

  • brajohn1

    Wow that fog!

  • karen

    The videos are so amazing!!

  • lauramaria

    Beautiful photos!!! I'm about to make that drive in a few weeks... This is inspiring! :)

  • samuelwins

    Absolutely stunning work. Well done!

  • bluedog

    So gorgeous - I lived in SF many yrs past- thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  • KristineMAdams

    I'm from Northern California! That was just stunning!

  • gobliss

    Miss my home state! Thanks for showcasing it's beauty. Wonderfully shot. 👍😊

  • goofyfootfoods

    Beautiful! Took this same trip 30 years ago on my honeymoon. Beautiful memories!

  • gmordi

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Magic0wl

    "Infinite Moss"....love✨

  • aliciaslough

    Beautiful photos

  • susanne_mc

    👌so inspiring

  • yogurtful18

    Thank you for capturing the natural wonders of the West Coast. It made me appreciate the sunny California more.

  • verdderfan

    Wow , too cool !!

  • wrnova

    Really amazing! Wow

  • italian_sandra

    Familiar places are suddenly new and awe inspiring when seen through your lens. Thank you


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