Stanwell Tops

New South Wales, Australia

Stanwell Tops

I really believe a picture tells a thousand adjectives. I drove for an hour south of Sydney to find the coastal town of Coalcliff. I had heard of its european styled, above ground highway from a family member who insisted I stay in the region for a few days - as per usual I was restricted by the amount of time to a single afternoon. One of those slow down to speed up situations whereby in a few hours felt I achieved more than I had in the entire year leading up.

The New South Wales coast is about the most photogenic landscape scenery I have come across. Maybe I need to get out more but of all the dentures to sculpt the east coast of Australia these ones can do no wrong. A simple drive through Sydney's notorious southern suburbs paths to route to Royal National Park ft. entry fee of $11. One enjoyable Sunday afternoon drive and we had detoured to the small town of Bundeena for its houses that live on the beach, and Goose's obsession for rock-pools.

The real unexpected beauty was my delight for Stanwell Tops, with its mesmerising views for the shimmering afternoon sun that hit the waves as they come to shore. The rolling hills that have no choice but to sink into the Pacific Ocean, with the mist, lured by the air of the winter solstice that weekend. You could forget it was the middle of winter altogether.

The coastal highway allows for parking on the outskirts of Coalcliff. By this stage the path was hidden from the sun by the towering mountains of the coast, only allowing for small glimmers of warmth. Waves crash fifty meters below your feet met with perfect opportunity to say goodbye to your iPhone for that one unforgettable shot.

Within the highway is a gate with man made dents in its ironwork. Beyond the gate is an acute angled drop in stone dirt path and at the base waves collide with mammoth rocks. Goose and I walked around the coast line climbing these rocks, politely avoiding the vietnamese fishermen with enough food for a week, and an opening to a one hundred square meter rock platform, full of degradation and pools of ocean water with its marina. Goose was glad she follows me where ever I travel.