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Happy new year everyone. Doesn't 2015 feel incredible already. My desire to travel is so strong that I forget some of the most wonderful places in the world are in my immediate surroundings. There are a wealth of secluded landscapes in Victoria so untapped the trails are but a faint outline in the grain. November / December in Australia is so inconsistent - the early summer is shrouded in temperatures no more impressive than its predecessor, you'll find November's initial heat wave impact but December's backlash of cool winds reaffirming.

It means a perfect time to travel a few hours south of Melbourne, and that is exactly what Goose and I did. We found these beautiful golden wheat fields a few kilometres west of Flinders and east of Cape Schank. The whole walking trail is so natural that the path is simply made of out peoples previous footsteps. The fields grow over the cliffs that have been battling the erosion of the Southern Ocean for centuries. It is about the hardest place to stumble upon.

The itinerary of the day feels me with so much joy because you typically don't need to leave Melbourne until well into the afternoon, and in between a thirty-eight hour week I do love a good sleep in; breakfast slow and late in the morning. The timing is important given you ideally want to arrive around 6pm when the air is still warm and the ocean breeze of the Tasman cools you off. You can explore during the day if insisted however be aware of the usual implications, i.e the suns light is at its harshest.

Goose and I made a day of it. We left Melbourne around 2pm via the Nepean Hwy and onto the M11. If you happen to somehow travel care free of expense take the Monash Fwy that joins Eastlink after booking a day pass to use the tollways. There must be twenty-something traffic lights between the Westgate Bridge and the M11 and it is so tedious. Furthermore the Mornington Peninsula drive is average to say the least so pack a sweet playlist. That's not to take away from the Mornington Peninsula itself which is lovely, spanning Mornington, Mount Martha, and Sorrento - 190 kilometres of Port Phillip Bay coastline. By the time the highway ends the drive becomes exponentially more interesting. The agriculture comprises rolling hills of farmland, rarely flat, constantly elevating and reclining.

Blink and you could miss all of Flinders' hidden secrets from the tiny town to the even smaller area of Cape Schank. Goose and I made Cape Schank our first stop by the six different walking tracks. Refusing to pay entry fee to see the lighthouse we took a left down the cliffs to Pebble Beach which, low-and-behold, is nothing but pebbles so avoid rolling your ankles as I successfully did. The Cape Schank coastline seldom sets up the drive to Flinders. This is the hard part. Along the C777 / Boneo Road toward east are a wealth of hidden walking tracks and lookouts, if you were to drive the speed limit you would surely miss them. The road beautifully weaves in and out of hillside golden fields, the ocean in the distance - Junip makes for a fitting soundtrack to the drive.

Two hundred metres passed Meakins Road on your left is the smallest of parking spaces on the right. You may see cars already parked there, you may not. Avoid the private property fenced off section, this is not where you want to go. Two trails lead from the side of the road where a sign indicates one of them to be walk way however we later found either one was fine to take. One hundred metres on you'll need to pass a fence and at this point you have made it. The view looking on is spectacular. Golden wheat fields as far as you can make on the ground become the cliffs that sink into the ocean.

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