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Six perfect days passing the new year in London & Paris

For the last few years I've been lucky enough to ring in the new year abroad. It's a great reset, time for me to find inspiration, visit museums and photograph the city. This year was spent closing out 2014 in London with Dana Richardson and ringing in the new year in Paris, two cities I love. Hope you enjoy the photos! - Keith

High traffic on London's Tower Bridge

Finches in the Tuileries Gardens Paris

London at twilight, as seen from the top of The Shard

La Siene Paris

Millenium Bridge

A long exposure masks the enormous crowds crossing the Millenium Bridge

The bubble maker Paris

The notorious Moulin Rouge Burlesque Show, Paris

Locked in for lunch at Brasserie Lipp Paris


Moody twilight on the Thames

Feed the birds, Tuileries Gardens Paris


London Commuting on another beautiful night in the city


Hungry seagulls on the hunt for chips on the Thames, London

Locals in La Tuileries Gardens Paris


Hotel stairs Paris

Evening taxi commute through rainy London

Wall, St Germain Paris

Tourists and locals meshed in the 4th District, Paris

Raven in the Tuileries Gardens Paris

Quite and decorated streets of Paris' 18th District

Shoppers on the ornately decorated Bond Street, London

Tower Bridge

Back Streets

Mannequins and locals on the lesser traveled backroads of the 12th District Paris

Metro, 4th District

The historic Shakespeare and Company bookstore, Paris

London life

St Germain back streets Paris

More streaks in incredible London


Happy New Year

  • ChadCopeland

    Dude! Love this! Makes me want to stop over in Paris! Photos are absolutely beautiful! @tbyrnes @jordanfoy @jaywilder *Check this out!

  • ladzinski

    Thanks @ChadCopeland it's a city you just can't get enough of. Safe journeys brother!

  • tbyrnes

    @ChadCopeland heck yeah @keithladzinski beautiful stuff...the moulin rouge and everything. Love it 👏💃

  • jaywilder

    Awesome story Keith! I am so look forward to visiting Paris. Would love to hear if you have any favorite recommendations! Take a look @aris @keithladzinski

  • k8ie

    Love it! I want to go back . Those stairs remind me of a pic I took when I stayed in a hostel near the infamous moulin rouge; and the lift was the smallest lift I had ever seen!

  • crisrizz

    Beautiful photos! And nice story. I especially love the stairs and the bubbles. Now to wonder: where will you be taking photos December 31, 2015? Happy New Year!

  • acleverly

    Beautiful photos of two beautiful cities, @ladzinski !

  • hannahcolt

    Your bird feeding photo is captivating

  • cristi_tulcea

    That one is Millenium bridge not London bridge.

  • ladzinski

    Thanks for the correction @cristi_tulcea I made the change

  • ladzinski

    Thank you @hannahcolt @acleverly @crisrizz @k8ie @jaywilder glad you all enjoyed it! :)

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  • smalltowndreams

    Love it😍

  • style_mas

    I'm in love with your photos!

  • Magic0wl

    Thank u for taking me there. ✨☺️✨

  • chris17

    Beautiful! I love it❤️

  • Kyle_Semple

    Great collection!

  • bluedog

    Very cool

  • MissLoqui

    I really like your collection. There are photos in it which i would totally see on my wall.

  • pj31

    Mesmerized with the beauty you collect

  • verdderfan

    Just gorgeous , I felt as I was there , pictures are magnificent & love the slow shutter captures , the London Bridge photo was amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • pmd