give me

For a while now I've been haunted by the possibilities of #blackandwhite. An ever evolving search to capture the essence of a scene and maybe discover something new.

A different perspective on my own backyard for example.

Solitude and spaciousness in even the busiest places.

And to marvel at the forces of nature, feeling small and insignificant.

There are times when the landscape watches you and every shot you take is of yourself.

And other times when you are one.

But even your tracks will fade away soon.

This is just a brief snapshot of my journey. The shots where taken years ago in Austria, New Zealand, and Australia. There is still so much to learn and experience. The only thing I'm certain of is that I haven't even scratched the surface yet. And I have the feeling that the real journey is actually inward. #stellerblackandwhite #places #action My #stellerresolution for 2015 is to take the next few steps, wherever they may lead. instagram.com/my.jetblack.camera

We must make good use of this life for the time that we have left, this brief flash of light, like the sun appearing through the clouds. – Kalu Rinpoche

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