A year of yoga

Yoga is about

Finding balance in everything

2014 was the year I felt like I fell into me. Although I have always enjoyed yoga, it became a passion over the past year, flooding into every aspect of my life. Practicing almost daily in the comfort of my home or studio, I began to feel more grounded, grateful, at home, and happier than ever. Even after moving across the country, yoga became my rock. Over the past 5 months I've brought in meditation and it's done wonders.


Yoga isn't about touching your toes. It's about what you learn on the way down

One of my favorite things became practicing and meditating outside in public places. Eventually you begin to forget about the strange looks you get.

Sun |set| salutations

Playa Avellanas, outside of Tamarindo, Costa Rica


I am grounded but I flow.

Falls park

After hiking 5 miles, we were so confused why we hadn't seen the most powerful falls in the upstate. We then decided to follow our ears down the side of a steep cliff, only holding on to branches for support on our way down. Finally, we came upon to the most beautiful Rapids. We had made it.

Hot springs in La Fortuna, Arenal Costa Rica

Anyone who does yoga knows that some days go better than others.

Accomplishing new poses


Finding peace amongst the chaos

The trauma bay

Dive into it, drink deeply, and emerge renewed.

Meditating in

Falls park


Cat style


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