a year of memories on Instagram

It's been a heck of a year I've had, especially on this social media platform. I won't go into semantics, but here are some of the many highlights I've had. I've switched backgrounds for my food (thank heavens for my aunt) and done pretty awesome stuff, so take a look. P.S. You can find the recipes on my blog (www.chockywoky.weebly.com) cover: when I started making pancakes every Sunday.

When I went to school on a Saturday morning for a pancake shoot

When I came home early for lunches.

When I was still using a drawing block as a background.

When my birthday rolled around and I realized that walnut candles + balloon toppers just don't roll.

When we were in Bali.

When I baked (winged) my first sourdough. It was still pretty good.

When I really got obsessed with food-i-mals.

When I developed some obsession with breads and spreads.

When food-i-mals really got going.

When I was featured on Sorted Food.

When I realized that my noodles and pumpkin were always on Fridays. And early dismissals were the next best thing.

When my wooden man became my model.

When durians were fallen in love with.

When I found yellow raspberries.

When PB+J rolls were such a huge success.

When I baked cookies for the first time in months.

When my black board was de-commissioned and I got an email from cluster cluster.

When I bought crescent roll dough for the first time and it exploded out of the tube.

When Christmas arrived.

When I bought more food from tiong bahru bakery.

When the new year arrived.

Also, feel free (actually, do) share your (mis)adventures with me in the comments, I'd love to hear! -

A huge thank you to everyone who's supported me and been a part of my journey. It wasn't easy narrowing the photos down to these few. It's you who make me continue doing my passion, and I can't wait to see what's in store this year. -

Charlie @chockywoky www.chockywoky.weebly.com

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