Painting Botanical Collections

With wax + oil

As an encaustic (wax) painter, I create large collections of paintings with a theme. This collection was inspired by botanicals; free, loose, rustic, and fluid.


Working with sweet, dreamy, sensuous beeswax layers. Most pieces have up to 30 or more thin layers fused with blowtorch.

Studying peony structure...

More inspiration; I would study these, then figure out ways to make them part of a loose, impressionistic, waxy piece, in select color tones.

These rich color tones,

Offset by a brooding, modern grey background.

Beeswax cakes are melted ...

Pigments added.

Much layering, adding, and wax scraping.

Tools of the trade.

A Refined, Rustic

Botanical Collection Takes Wing

22 Piece Collection

All shapes & sizes.

Collection showing at Hunt & Gather, Portland, OR Commissions. For more imagery: @theresastirlingart on instagram