Two K and fourteen

It's not easy to wrap an entire year in just 5 photos. These are the ones I have choosen: a particular place of Milan (the "Monumental" Cemetery, which holds some beautiful pieces pf art); an artsy installation in the Triennale museum; a special weekend in Berlin; a life trip in Iceland; a beautiful sunset from the top of Milan.

  • brajohn1

    great photos!

  • ozprawn

    Agonised for hours picking just 5 😂 you certainly picked some beauties for yours!

  • milkydrop

    @brajohn1 thanks so much! 😊

  • milkydrop

    @ozprawn the really difficult thing was not choosing only Iceland photos! 😂 but ues, these are absutely my fave among the year! 😊🙏✨