How to... A very fast Smoky Eyes make-up

Now I'm going to show you how I do a very quick and simple smoky eyes with few passages. I'm not a makeup artist but I like so much beauty and cosmetics and I love trying to make on myself some experiments. This "smoky eyes" is very beautiful and simple to realize. Hope it could be useful for you.

First task:

Have no makeup


Prepare your beauty table

What I've used:

• NeveCosmetics pastel sapphire/indigo • Kiko Milano "Twinkle eye pencil" n. 04 • Eye shadows palette Eyes To Kill Giorgio Armani n. 5 • Dior Diorskin concealer nude n. 002 Beige • A "cat tongue" small brush • A circular small brush • Mascara Manga L'Oreal

3. Use your hand like a palette and hardly mark with blue eye pencil and put a small concealer drop.

4. With the small brush mix everything until you obtain a big spot on your hand.


With the same small brush, apply the compound on your eyelid.

6. Take the "cat tongue" small brush and apply dark blue eyeshadow on the external part of your eyelid deglazing outback.

7. Take an other small brush and apply bright eyeshadow on top part of your eyelid.

Almost finished...

Finish with a blue eye pencil if you like and a lot of mascara.

HERE YOU ARE THE RESULT. ❌Sorry for my face❌

Thanks for watching my visual story


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