Possum Kingdom Lake


The Name

One story about why the lake is called Possum Kingdom began when a peddler named Ike Sablosky came to Texas in 1906. This salesman had come to Texas from Pennsylvania and Indiana to regain his health. Mineral Wells at the time was famous as a health spa and Ike came to recuperate. While living in Mineral Wells, Ike saw an opportunity to get into the hide and fur business as the Palo Pinto hills were a paradise for raccoon, possum, and fur bearing critters. Mr. Sablosky’s best source of supply for possum hides came from cedar choppers and hunters up in Northwest Palo Pinto County. Ike called his best suppliers “the boys from Possum Kingdom”. The name grew more and more popular and the area became known as Possum Kingdom. From a story by Kevin D. Duser www.possumkingdomlake.com

The Legend of Hell's Gate

Legend has it that two fur trappers passing through the Brazos River area near Palo Pinto set up camp to barter with the Comanches in the area. They brought out the whiskey that night and cleaned out the camp when the Comanches became drunk. The trapper's burros could not carry the heavy contraband very far. They reached an area flanked by two steep limestone cliffs and one trapper abandoned his loot to climb the cliff to safety while the other stayed put swearing that he would go through Hell's gate before he would give up the stolen pelts. The Comanches caught up to the trappers and apparently the thieves went through Hell's Gate...

Fireworks at Hell's Gate on July 4th

The Cliffs Resort overlooks the dam with a world class golf course

Hiking trails below the dam on the Brazos reveal a bridge built during the Great Depession. When they open the gates of the dam during floods this bridge is completely submerged.

The views down the canyons on the back side of the dam are amazing, particularly in the fall

PK gets in your soul

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