Joshua Tree

Window seat booked Headphones at the ready Playlist chosen Let's go!

#creative #outdoors #winter #seasons #photography

Joshua Tree

Know Your Quarry - Biffy Clyro

Joshua Tree

Everything To Nothing - Manchester Orchestra

Joshua Tree

B a noBody - Soak

Joshua Tree

Ten Tons Of Silence - Owl John

Joshua Tree

Cold Days In The Birdhouse - The Twilight Sad

#creative #places #travel


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  • kristencella

    Listening to music while looking out the window of a moving vehicle is, in my opinion, one of the best things in the world :)

  • jordanfoy

    It is really nice, I journey without music is such a killer! :)

  • CWP


  • elisapella

    Nice one! And what a landscape!

  • jimbobgavin

    I feel like I'm riding Into battle in narnia..

  • Katwesterman

    Wow! Love everything about this... One of my favorite chapters. With the blend of music/video/stills on a train it evokes such memories.

  • cotyhurry

    You have great taste in music! Genius putting them in.

  • ritakovtun

    I love this! great story altogether.love the songs. funny thing, I'm actually working on a playlist story myself 😊

  • jordanfoy

    @CWP nice one, thanks :)

  • jordanfoy

    @elisapella thanks Elisa :) or as it always autocorrects ... Eliza ! Haha

  • jordanfoy

    @katwesterman thank you so much Kat! You Rock! ✌️

  • jordanfoy

    @cotyhurry I love my music haha!

  • jordanfoy

    @ritakovtun have you ever heard of any of the artists before ? :)

  • cotyhurry

    What are some good people you like?

  • ritakovtun

    just one - Manchester Orchestra. went to their show a few years ago! i love discovering new music though, so thanks πŸ˜„

  • jordanfoy

    @ritakovtun they are really good, seen them twice :) and good, BIFFY are the ones your gonna have to listen to for sure ;)

  • ritakovtun

    I'll be sure to check em out!

  • tylermiller

    Best thing I've seen all day😍

  • missyjena

    Ah man!! This is so good, Jordan!! Really really love it!

  • jordanfoy

    @tylermiller thankyou very much man ✌️

  • jordanfoy

    @missyjena Jena, thankyou :) it was so rewarding because the train was so quick I didn't except to get anything :)

  • beyondcitylife

    Dude just another great composition. And thanks for the music I discovered a couple of tunes and artists I didn't know... πŸ™ŒπŸ’―πŸ‘Š

  • jordanfoy

    @_jfphotography_ wow man, what was your fav music page? :)

  • beyondcitylife

    Page six was my fav - everything to nothing- Manchester Orchestra.... I think this song goes perfectly with the video... I was able to feel it as if I was there πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Š

  • journeyofnow

    I love listening to music in the car. I totally prefer not to drive so I can soak in the view. Really like your music selection. Specially Ten Tons of Silence. *sigh* need another road trip.

  • danjapapajani

    Nice song choices :))

  • chriznobs

    wow i like your point of view ☺️ so simple and wonderfully told as a story

  • jordanfoy

    @chriznobs nice one man! It was fun to do!

  • gijanice

    Love everything you did here. And the music πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ well done, J!!

  • methsia

    Wow :( I'd love to see all that first hand

  • cimek

    amazing! what a landscape!πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

  • joannaD

    Nice playlist πŸ‘Œ

  • andrewlang

    I love this!!!! Beautiful picture and nice playlist!

  • 5spices

    I love what you do with Steller app, so creative and touching 🌸

  • adindatiffany

    Really like this one.. Fav

  • abby_ingwersen

    STUNNING photos!!!

  • si_sangga

    Awsome!! Great songs!!


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