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view from the

In addition to its collections of art from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, the de Young Museum offers one of the best perches in thr city to get amazing views of San Francisco, rain or shine.


p.s: The first weekend of each month is also free admission for Bank of America cardholders to see the collections.

Plenty of cool art to see too...

50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118 #sf #deyoung #stellerblackandwhite

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  • mischiru

    Love all the lines!

  • tbyrnes

    Bam. Black and white is your medium. Nice one. 👌

  • lovemyhouse

    Jay!! cool photos!

  • jordanfoy

    Well this is now another place to add to me must see when I get there! should start calling you Ansel!

  • jaywilder

    @jordanfoy ha! that's funny // yes this spot is a good visit - right next door is the science museum and Japanese tea garden

  • ericlicen_

    looks like a cool place! 👍

  • jaywilder

    Yeah it's a cool spot to check out in SF, I saw the tower peaking out last week about the trees and rooftops from another part of the city and wanted to have a look @ericlicen_

  • wlad

    Loved your photos !!!

  • jaywilder

    Thank you @wlad!

  • operation_a

    Very very cool!

  • oliviaxxx

    I love this place! Visited San Fran around Thanksgiving and absolutely fell in love with the beauty! I loved this place as well.

  • ACGoriginal

    Dang! Wish I would have known about this on my last trip to San Francisco in July. Next time...

  • tweed_telegraph

    I love that place! You captured it beautifully! Now I can't wait to get back there for a visit.

  • orangegirl

    I love that view high above the trees

  • sooukdotcom

    Love that!


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