swatch of the month-november

November Swatch of the month: Climbing Daisy Top layer-Baby Blue Backing-Baby Blue Floss-Baby Blue Cotton tape-Natural Paint-Pearl Grey #diy

Begin by stenciling the Climbing Daisy design to the top layer of fabric. Stitch the larger petal shapes using cotton tape. Create french knots with the cotton tape at the center of the petal shapes. Stem stitch the long curving stems with embroidery floss.

next month: Natalie's Dream

  • ElizabethKelly

    So pretty! Going to have to tuck this away for when I am able to get on a sewing kick!

  • ivanseymus

    Beautiful work!

  • cindy

    @ivanseymus thank you!

  • TRDAtelier

    Wonderful work! 👌

  • MANewcomer

    Cindy, I love your Stellar stories of the Alabama Chanin swatches. Please tell me what size needle you used on the ribbon embroidery? Your stitching looks so smooth! I am having a hard time with it. Many thanks.

  • cindy

    @MANewcomer I struggled with mine too and tried a few different types but a canvas needle worked the best-it was like a wing needle and made a better hole to pass the ribbon through. The needle came in a dritz repair package. Hope this helps :)

  • MANewcomer

    Thank you so much! Your stitches looked effortless and I was hoping you could help. Many thanks. All the best.

  • 1293Ginger

    Thank you for sharing so many beautiful things and thanks for the needle information. I noted.

  • 1293Ginger

    Would you show how do you apply the ribbon embroidery? and how to you attach it on the other side.. I wonder...