Seven Days In

North West Germany


It all starts with a view. This view was my first proper view of the city that would become my home for the next 7 days. Located in the Ehrenfeld district, it was a cosy and warm airbnb flat I was staying in. There were only two days in my stay where I was greeted to blue skies when I pulled the blinds up.

Cologne Tiles & Coffee with @sarahpour & @asyrafacha


Wuppertal Schwebebahn, is the only Suspended Railway in the world.

Cologne Weihnactsmarkt's


On Saturday @sarahpour joined me on a trip to Frankfurt. We took the local trains to save money (well one of us did!) was a long trip but worth it!



Owing to its modern and high rise skyline, and the fact the Main river flows through the city. The nick name 'Mainhatten' was coined, most likely by the American soldiers that were posted here after the war.

Like any prosperous city, there is alway construction taking place. Frankfurt was full of tower cranes building new buildings, and excavators tearing down old ones.


My Zeil Designed by Massimiliano Fuksas

DÜSSELDORF With @PathEight @asyrafacha & @SarahPour


Urban Safari

The way home

Liége-Guillemins Station

Finally Home

A day late due to strike action, I was finally back in London. The train to Brussels had failed so all in all I took 7 different trains from my hostel in Germany to my Flat in Wales. Still, can't beat taking the scenic route!

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