Before 9/2/12, I was a full time musician, recording engineer & composer. On that evening, while out for a run, I was struck by an intoxicated driver. I suffered a laundry list of injuries. The most concerning of which was the traumatic brain injury. When I eventually woke up, I learned that outpatient physical & mental therapy understandably left something to be desired in regards to musician's skills recovery. I naturally resumed my career path. Little did I know that creating music was now going to be by far the most significant source of therapy that I'd experience.

As my first post-accident musical endeavor, I scored a short documentary. "The Pixel Painter" was released in July '13. The film was met with an extremely positive and enthusiastic response. It received over 1 million views and a mention on the cover of the NY Post within the first week of release. I wrote, performed, recorded & mixed music for this film shortly after I was released from hospital care. Both the opening titles & entire film are available here: Although I don't fully recall creating the music for this film, I do recall that this project sparked in me the interest to finally start a solo musical project.

So, I then began to create music under the pseudonym, Ninth Floor Mannequin. During 2014, I scoured my hard drives for ideas. I found them. I relearned them. I finished them. I compiled them. I made a debut EP out of them. This was my musical therapy program. The music that I created during recovery is available for streaming here: I've continued to create music as “9fm” since then. I hope that you have a moment to listen. Please don't hesitate to reach out & contact me. I'd love to hear any thoughts, suggestions, questions or critiques that you might have.

In addition to creating the music itself, I also filmed a bit of the performance skills portion of my project. Speed, coordination & quick thinking are the aspects of musicianship that are requiring the greatest deal of time & effort to reclaim. Those skills have not been easy to recover. However, the pursuit of those abilities is yielding significant progress in regards to problem solving & short term memory improvement. Here’s a short compilation of songs that I’ve transcribed & embellished on drum set. I'm still improving.

During my writing process, songs tend to change instrumentation & style. In this clip, I’ve combined a clip of the writing process alongside the finished product. This one is just for fun. Here I am playing my most recent original song on two of my secondary instruments. (I'm really just a drummer.) Remembering lyrics & performing on those relatively unfamiliar instruments is another good challenge for me. I'm still improving.

So, I've continued on my career life path as a musician, composer, recording engineer & teacher. I hope that you find the music & story interesting enough to share so that I can continue to produce material & share this project. I should also mention that I've resumed my next most significant source of therapy, running. That is the subject of my sophomore Steller story. Thanks for the time & attention. I hope to hear from you soon. Music: Videos: Instagram/Twitter: @aJellyElectric

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  • jaywilder

    Amazing and inspiring story, Jarrod! I can't wait to hit the links and listen when I get home later. :) I also love music. 😊🎶🎼

  • aJellyElectric

    I appreciate that. Thanks so much. I hope that you enjoy the music.

  • journeyofnow

    I remember the pixel project, so great to see you hear.

  • tbyrnes

    Listening to your Sound Cloud right now. Really great stuff 👏

  • aJellyElectric

    Thanks all. I'm very happy to see that you're into it. Enjoy.

  • starklifephoto

    Listening now. Beautiful. Way to overcome adversity. The human spirit is amazing.

  • aJellyElectric

    Thanks for the kind words. Hope you enjoyed it. More music already in the works.

  • coastalkate

    I truly believe that art in all its various mediums has the power to heal for creator and viewer alike. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • aJellyElectric

    Thank you for insight @coastalkate

  • deletedaccount9

    Keep making art! Powerful story.

  • jaywilder

    Your music sounds great @aJellyElectric - great version of rocky raccoon and very cool sketch + drum solo

  • aJellyElectric

    Much appreciated @jaywilder Thanks for the kind words & thanks especially for the republish

  • sunnyinpdx

    Incredible! Amazing story. Going to carve out time today to listen, watch in entirety.

  • aJellyElectric

    @sunnyinpdx Thank you so very much. I hope that you enjoy it all.

  • sunnyinpdx

    Fantastic - really loved the music and your talents. Such an inspiring story too. Also - cool film (pixel artist)!

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