grand reflections

expedition rafting

i had never done any overnighters on a river; it was something that was always just slightly out of reach thanks to my social circles and work environments. last weekend i had the chance to get a taste of what expedition rafting can be, running a section of the colorado river from diamond creek to pearce ferry.

it was wild embarking on a 3-day river trip, knowing that the only way to exit was to raft all the way to the final takeout. it's a little bit intimidating to commit to a down-current trajectory, knowing that there's no help and no rescue if something goes wrong.

the fang

none of the rapids we ran were super gnarly; it is a relatively tame section of the river. but no matter how mild you know they are in your mind, each time you approach a new rapid the cacophony of the churning water echoing up the canyon, increasing steadily in volume as you near the liquid horizon, has a way of building this exciting tension unlike anything i've ever before experienced.

competent boatmen make all the difference.

it has taken me thirty years to take a trip that i have been meaning to do for at least half that long. don't let life get in the way of the things you want to do the most.

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