For my grandfather

My grandfather taught me how to make Turkish coffee. I’m still not sure if it was because he wanted to pass on the tradition, or if he was putting me into training along with his daughters, daughters in law and granddaughters to form some kind of coffee making army. Either way I’m glad he did. Its one of the things that I am taking with me now that he is gone. Here’s what he taught me…


For each person - 1 cup water (use coffee cup to measure) 1 heaped spoon Turkish coffee 1 teaspoon sugar ; depending on taste

To make...

Begin by pouring water into the jug. Stir coffee and sugar into the water and placed over a low flame. Heat slowly until coffee comes to the boil. Once bubbling remove briefly from the flame. Heat over again to boiling point. This can be done up to three times to form the foam on top of the coffee. Pour into coffee cup.


To be enjoyed with the Macedonian Weekly and a piece of vanilla lokum.

To my dad, for his dad.

By Stephanie Stamatis


With photography by Tara Pearce