A Malibu Evening

Up along the Southern California coastline in Malibu lies a small secluded stretch of beach that remained a long time secret amongst locals.. Recently more and more people are discovering it's hidden charms and sometime kalidescope skies... This was one of those nights

After a 150 foot hike down a steep curving path you emerge into a stretch of beach composed of white sands, sea caves, moss covered boulders, tide pools and craggy rock formations... French born instagrammer @andreadabene leads the way

The sun starts to set...

French instagrammer @lily_rose exploring the sea caves and peeking at the setting sun

Los Angeles photographer @danielhan1 climbs to the top of what is know as #thatmaliburock to allow us to get the gram...

The amazing Los Angeles photographer @ravivora shows us a little levitational magic while the sky started to change to purple

The hugely talented @lolameyers did some amazing jumps..

This evening was made special by the following instagrammers @alexstrohl @andreadabene @sweatengine @sar_m @ravivora @lolamyers @_tamarapeterson @lily_rose @caravents @danielhan1. Check out their instagram feeds... You won't be disappointed... @katwesterman

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