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The recipe for adventure is breaking away from the expected. It's to seek out and discover a place that stirs the soul.


The following is guide to finding your soul punching moments.

Get up early go to bed late.

Walk further.

Don't forget to look up.

My goal is to inspire others to get outside. To say, you don't need to be anything special to enjoy these moments. You just need to get out there.


When you find it, take the time to soak it in.

Just breathe .

I try and get out as often as I can. The more often I do the more I see moments like these that just might change my life.


Look closer.

Climb higher.

Seek what you love, follow your passions, and all the doors will open for you.


Stay longer.

Explore more.

What recharges your soul?

I hope I've helped inspire you to get out and seek what you love. Life is short and all these moments are out there waiting for you. Enjoy! More adventures:

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