A long lost logbook

It is a piece of history that was almost lost forever.

But you will find it in a box on the shelves of Dublin City Library and Archive.

Open the box and take a look inside.

It is a logbook kept by Dublin Fire Brigade's ambulance service during the 1916 Easter Rising - one of the most pivotal weeks in Irish history.

A handwritten...

... unadorned account of the casualties the service had to deal with between April 24 and 29, 1916.

It details names, addresses and ages of victims, with an account of injuries suffered and the name of the hospital to which they were delivered.

Hour by hour. Sometimes minute by minute.

Dr Mary Clark is the City Archivist.

"It records the bravery of those who staffed the ambulance and fire brigade services, continuing to look after the public even under fire."

Lord Mayor Christy Burke

The log book, which was recently bought at auction by Dublin City Council, has its own chequered history. It's understood it was retrieved from a skip during the 1930s.

The book will be displayed in the City Library and Archive in Dublin.

All shots taken with an iPhone 6 Plus. Watch the tv news report http://vimeo.com/112420180 @philipbromwell

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