modesto, ca

my hometown consistently ends up on forbes' annual list of most miserable cities, and it does indeed have some negative points. however, i think it's a pretty great little place and am proud to be a modestan, born and raised. here are just a few of the things i love about the place that will always be home, no matter how many times my physical address might change:

i love the sunsets over the coastal range.

i love downtown and its history and architecture.

i love the library and the fact that i'm on a first name basis with my librarians.

i love the farmers' market, where i always run into someone i know.

i love the fruits.

i love the vegetables.

i love the donuts at mr. t's.

i love the mexican food.

i love the orchards. orchards everywhere.

i love the peaches.

i love the houses in the college neighborhood.

[ ingrid michaelson ]

"this is my home. where i go when i've got nowhere else to go."

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