--------- P I U T E P A S S ---------

O N W A R D & U P W A R D __________ Already gaining copious amounts of altitude and expansive views within a few miles of the trailhead; the John Muir Wilderness never disappoints.

H O M E S W E E T H O M E __________ After a few hours' hike we setup camp along the shore of an alpine lake, tucked safely away in the foxtail pines to ride out an oncoming electrical storm. Within hours the skies cleared to allow for a spectacular sunset.

N I G H T F A L L ___________ Clear skies and a new moon made for some great whiskey-sipping views from camp. We donned our down jackets beneath the Milky Way and watched as lightning lit the skies beyond the horizon; silently hoping that it would maintain a safe distance through the night.

D A W N __________ We awoke to the cracking thunder of another storm system moving through the area; a testament to the fickle weather typical of autumn in the Sierras. However, brief snow flurries and rain quickly gave way to sun, so we headed out to explore Humphrey's Basin.

H U M P H R E Y ' S B A S I N __________ We kicked off our boots for a moment to soak up the surreal landscape of Humphrey's Basin from a lookout near Lost Lakes. With more storms looming on the horizon we set out to finish our fast-paced loop through the basin's myriad lakes and vistas.

B A C K A T C A M P __________ A bit of daylight was left after dinner, so I tied on a dry fly and cast to some rising fish. By the time the sun had set I had landed several brook, rainbow, and golden trout. Celebratory whiskey and sunset gazing followed as we wrapped up our last trip for the season.

The End

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