A Month of Sundays

It started out slow.

We decked ourselves out at our sleepover in preparation for The Bed Show.

Amanda Palmer et al

Pre Show Serenades

Post Bed Show, post meeting Amanda Palmer! It didn't even seem real!

She signed my huge clip board for me. What a sweetie. Her pen was running out of ink.

I don't think I'd ever been happier. While we were waiting for our ride at Bard, we finished our watercolours from before the show. We listened to Jeff Buckley and talked to everyone who stopped to see what we were doing. Amanda walked past us again about a half hour into our paint-a-thon.

The next day, I was invited over a friend's house to meet literary giant, Huang Xiang. It was quite an honour.

Huang Xiang

Master Calligrapher, Nobel Peace Prize nominated poet. A very energetic man indeed.

If I could lighten this one up, it'd be a great author photo.

We went to the beach out east to watch the sunset.

Soliel se Coucher

How frustrating!

Then, we drove to Queens

I love me some good "Engrish." The sign says "SHOES STORE"

Huang Xiang treated us to some killer Mongolian Hot Pot at Dip Dip.

The menu was also in Engrish.

This is an advanced reader's copy of #HuangXiang's new book, The Thunder Of Deep Thought. Only twenty five copies are available right now.

He hand stamped it

And we all signed it. For memories, he says.


Back in Patchogue, just before we reached our final destination, we stopped for Slurpees and sweets.

Earlier that day...

I was definitely worn out by Monday night!

Then I painted some. An abstract landscape. Acrylic on Strathmore Drawing paper.

And I wrote a zine...

What a week.

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