English Netting

Baby Bonnet

This sweet little bonnet is sure to be a treasured heirloom for a new baby. It is easy to make using English embroidered cotton netting and silk ribbon. Add a few pearls or beads for a special touch.


You will need: 14 inches of 7 1/4" wide embroidered cotton netting 2 1/2 yards of silk satin ribbon A few pearls or beads Sewing machine

• Place 7 3/4" piece of ribbon on either end of the netting lining up with the raw edge. Ribbon will extend on the embroidered side. • Stitch along the inside edge of the ribbon, turn and press. Stitch the loose edge to the netting, fold under the extended edge. • To make the back casing, turn under raw edge then again 1/2" and stitch. • Cut about 25" piece of ribbon and run through casing. Gather ribbon, tie a bow. • Cut two pieces of ribbon about 16" long and secure to front edge for ties.

Finishing touch...add a small bow and embellish with pearls or beads