JING tea pairing with Tuscan Chestnut Cake

I'm trying to learn to do things slowly and allowing myself the time to enjoy the process and the end result, like baking a cake or brewing a cup of tea and taking the time to enjoy them.


JING defines the modern tea ceremony, an experience that absorbs the senses and refreshes and inspires the body and mind.

JING Yunnan Dian Hong Cha tea is a strong and full-bodied black tea from rich-soiled Yunnan province.

The appearance of Yunnan Gold loose tea is long, olive-gold twists dappled with orange.

JING Glass Infuser Mug and Tea Timer.

1 tablespoon (3g) of tea.

1 cup of water at near-boiling temperature.

Infusion time: 3 minutes. You can re-use the wet leaves for a second infusion.

When steeped, the golden down covered buds of Yunnan Gold develop into a brew with an auburn sheen. The leaves from spring’s harvest release a rounded caramel richness and a lingering finale of spice – ginger, nutmeg and cloves.

Yunnan Gold tea pairs well with Castagnaccio, as the tea is clean and refreshing, so it balances off the richness of chestnut flour and sweetness of dried fruits.

Castagnaccio is an autumnal dessert from the region of Tuscany in Italy. It's traditionally made with chestnut flour, water, olive oil, pine nuts nuts and raisins.

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