A night in the Badlands.


We are drawn to things we don't quite understand. The thrill of the unknown stirs emotions that are usually untapped.


Where do you go to lose yourself?

The land rolled and rippled as far as the eye could see. The challenge, how to convey the emotion you feel when standing here in a photograph.

We slowed down after a long day of shooting to enjoy the precious moments. Little did we know what was about to happen.

The sun sets and I start to pack up and offload media. Chad searches for bones by headlamp. I sat back in my chair and looked up reflecting on the day. I notice what looked like a cloud dancing high in the sky. I asked Chad, "Hey?! Is that what I think it is?"...

After pointing my camera into the skies, snapping a shot, and seeing this, I freaked! We both screamed and threw our gear in the vehicles and shot off to the Valley of the Castles. The rest is history...

We ran from formation to formation snapping away. Meanwhile we were surrounded by dinosaur bones dated around 75 million years old.

It was a must to pay tribute to Travel Alberta for the amazing trip.

Then we found it and I did it...

And for the finalΓ©...

A moment that will last forever.