South West Wales

Adventures with @emcintaggart

Emma and I met on Instagram, and became friends. We've shared adventures in Kent, London and now at last, Wales. Having made the long trip to Swansea on Friday, we spent the evening eating Wagamama's and watching Interstellar in IMAX. The next day after waffles for breakfast, we set off for Tenby.

#vanlife Sadly this wasn't our ride for the weekend, but was the first thing we saw upon arriving in Tenby.

Tenby Beach

It was pretty windy down on the beach, almost got blown away at one point...

@emcintaggart took stunning photos of me and the rainbow umbrella.

The ghostly sands on Castle Beach, Tenby.

Forever Fearless


Saint Govan's Chapel


National Park

Long Exposure's Galore

With the light having faded to black, our time in Pembrokeshire was up. We hit the road home, and Emma cooked up a delicious stew. The next morning after a fry up for me, and poached eggs and avocado for her we set off to explore the Gower.

Mumbles Pier




There's a story behind this photo, and it doesn't involve the three seagulls up there in the sky....

Emma + Umbrella + Three Cliffs Bay.


The waterfalls. It was a fairly long walk to get the the first of four falls on the trail I picked. 'Sgwd yr Eira' was the first one we came too. It is possible to walk behind the falls, but I didn't fancy getting soaked and breaking my phone.

Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn

We made it to two more falls while there was still light. But time was against us, and so was my map reading skills. I had not checked that there was a way back to the main path from this waterfall, and so we had to go 'off piste' in order to find the main path...

And so it's over...

After following tracks made by others we scrambled through the woods in desperate search of the main path, and a way home. Finally after a few frayed nerves, we found a marker and after some fast paced walking made it back to the car before the heavens opened. This story only covers a small percent of the adventures we had. Thank you Emma for coming to visit, and being and all round wonderful person. Go check out @emcintaggart on Instagram for her take on this adventure.

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