Or how travelling gives you perspective


The scene

6 am {London} So excited for my trip to Seville I bounce out of bed and dash out the door for Gatwick Airport. Contrary to the norm, I am amazingly organised and ready to go for such an early start. *fast-forward* 1:30 pm {Seville} The flight is a breeze. Easiest trip ever from start to finish, with my head buried in Amy Poehler's book (it's incredible, read it). Passport stamped, I skip out of immigration. Just one quick stop and then I'll be on my way, I think. And that's when the brand new iPhone6 suffered an unfortunate "incident"...

Yes, I am now one of those people who never believed it was possible to drop your phone in the toilet, but then did it themselves. I'd like to blame it on a particularly small jacket pocket combined with a flourish as I closed the door. Either way, the phone went flying. And now here I am. In Seville. Phoneless.

And it is wonderful.

Who needs a phone when there is all this to explore?

Jess continues her Seville adventure on Instagram: @jessonthames

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